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tv   [untitled]    March 2, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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allow those discussions to take place. if ms. kane does not have the power to back to the board, it might require a vote of the board. if they could do that. do have some comments? >> i do not know that -- i do not know what the settlement negotiations would mean. the entertainment commission cannot take action. it is suspended to us. she would have to do in the context of a public hearing. >> it would come back to this board and we would discuss with the staff of the entertainment commission with the applicant and our folks and we report back to president garcia and the board and you can take a boat. >> she can take it to her board and gets it codified or something that her board is willing to go along with with
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that kind of settlement agreements put in place. there would be more process behind this. everything is clear on what would take place? >> some of the terms or to ask the entertainment commission to hold a hearing, that could be something that she could take back to her commission. anything affecting this person has to be decided by this body. >> it would be. you would act and we would discuss with the entertainment commission, with the property owner and we would take all steps necessary and it could do it that way. you would retain jurisdiction on the appeal and we would settle within two weeks. >> if we vote up or down to overturn this permit. it is in the interest of the permit holder for us to continue
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and have these discussions take place. it is with the cooperation of ms. kainane. i unless another commissioner feels differently, it seems like a fairly elegant solution to the problem. you're shaking your head. >> i am sorry. what i am confused about is we have had to hearings already on this and this has been a third on the same. i do not believe there is any more information to come forward. i do not believe there's any more negotiation that could happen. i hope i am not speaking out of turn. we were talking about process earlier. and now we're talking about going back and doing another conversation with the same parties with the same information.
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the breaks that have been provided to you, there's everything there is to say on this. >> i do not think what is on here as conditions would solve the problem. are there other ways? we advanced the idea of a sunset or some sort of action that happens to see of these work. we're skeptical and there may be people who vote no on the permit. we do not believe -- >> we do not know what we do not know. >> is there a mechanism -- quex the mechanism you have bront out which is a review in six months is perfectly understandable and more elegant to me that we now we now as opposed to not knowing what we do not know. if there is some way to embed this into your decision, put it in as a condition of the permit. whenever the methodology is, if
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you can find it to have a review. whether these conditions solve the problems. we come back and have another conversation. it makes sense to me. >> i am not skeptical. i am optimistic. there are multiple conditions on this permit. hopefully the address the issue. there was a process they went into coming up with these conditions. maybe it is over the top to have to security guards. her nose? it may be perfect to address the concerns. this is an effort that a lot of people put a lot into. as the permit holders rep, give it a go. if we could embed the six months, is that not feasible? >> i am happy to research this question.
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these are not permits the you could not grant this as a six- month permit. it can grant or deny it. you could not make expire after six months. >> that is not what we're doing. >> you're trying to remanded. -- remand it. the entertainment commission monitors the client -- complaints and would be responsible for suspending or revoking if there was a violation. >> what we're trying to achieve, what i am trying to achieve and i heard the same from other people. some mechanism takes place and we will hear from you again as we heard from everybody else. this is a chance. to continue it so we get some reassurance that your commission is willing to sunset.
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it is not willing, two weeks from now we will have a bunch of time you think you need. we take our up or down vote. >> can ask another question? >> i do not think i have communicated that. >> i'm not sure of understand what you mean by sunset. >> after some stated amount of time, we have indicated six months, we have a different review of such that the permit would be revoked. you have revocation powers. >> we do. >> it would be revoked if the problems, if there is enough substantial evidence that the problems persist. >> i can tell you we would do that. we would do that sooner. we will know fairly quickly whether these conditions are working based on our ability to enforce with our enforcement
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officers. the neighbors letting us know that -- if these conditions are solving the problems are not. >> i misunderstood earlier. i thought that what you said is you could go back and see if the conditions you had placed upon it were in place. >> they are there. >> it is not operating yet. >> we know the conditions are there. >> i understand that. when you have been asked about it, you did not say that -- if the conditions are not there we can find them and make sure the conditions are there but you did not go beyond that and say if the problem is not solved, we can revoke. those were the magic words for me. >> i apologize. we have suspension and revocation powers, absolutely. >> ok. before we pull the trigger. unless somebody had questions.
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>> the problem we have with this gentleman's proposal is what is going to happen in three weeks, we come back again in three weeks and again in three weeks. meanwhile he is losing money every day even though he has done what he has been asked to do. on the other hand he is more than willing to submit to six- month examination. he can keep because so much of this money transfer is computerized. he can provide accurate records, how many customers he had between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. and how many people were there or whatever. i know it is getting late in the evening but my comment to this tillman is i do not think there is any way to settle it. he does not want it open. he wants to open. he was granted the permit. that is the bottom line. in three weeks will be back again. >> the board has heard what they
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had hoped to hear. i think we're ready to entertain a motion and to vote. i think this is probably not necessary. does someone want to make a motion? knowing full well that the entertainment commission has powers of revocation, intends to monitor the situation closely, knowing the concerns of the neighborhood which seems to be legitimate, reasonable concerns and the concerns of very many people as attested to by the number of signatures we have received. given the fact that this gentleman has been out of operations for some portion of his operating hours for a while. i move that we uphold the entertainment commission approval of this permit.
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to operate under the conditions they have set forth we cannot demand or add to. >> can we recognize that ms. kane has volunteered to ask her commission to hold a hearing in six months and the permit holder has agreed to show data of activity during those hours and keep track of the number of customers that are there? these were recognized -- these commitments were made publicly. we cannot commit the commission to hold a hearing but the staff has recommended they would do that. >> the board urges the commission to urge a whole -- hold a hearing on the status of this location and permit. >> and granting the permit the board needs to say why it has found the permit was not
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warranted under sections 1-4 and section 10 60.5. if you want, you can reference the reasons for the subsections in the entertainment commission is brief. >> thank you for completing that for me. who is writing that down? >> tharoor after i watched the video. >> everybody heard and understood? >> deny the appeal and uphold the permit on the conditions -- on the basis stated and also to urge the entertainment commission to hold a hearing in six months on the status of this permit. the motion was made by the president. vice-president huang, aye. commissioner hurtado, aye.
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>> the motion is passed. we have no further business. we can adjourn. president garcia: all right. [gavel] >> this is one of the museum's longest art interest groups. it was founded by art lovers who wanted the museum to reflect new directions in contemporary art. it has been focused on artists in this region with an eye toward emerging artists. ♪ it is often at the early stage of their career, often the first major presentation of their work
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in a museum. it is very competitive. only a few artists per year receive the award. it is to showcase their work to have a gallery and publication dedicated to their work. ♪ i have been working with them on the last two years on the award and the exhibitions. the book looks at the full scope of the awards they have sponsored. ♪ it has been important to understand the different shifts within the award program and how that is nearing what else is going on in the bay area. -- how that is mirror beiing wht
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else is going on in the bay area. ♪ there are artists from different generations sometimes approaching the same theme or subject matter in different ways. they're artists looking at the history of landscape and later artists that are unsettling the history and looking at the history of conquests of nature. ♪ artists speak of what it means to have their work scene. often you are in the studio and do not have a sense of who is really seeing your work. seeing your own work at the institution have gone to for many years and has an international audience is getting the word out to a much larger community. ♪
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>> the afternoon. this is their regular meeting of the san francisco planning commission for thursday, march 1, 2012. before we get started, because i was not here last week, let me congratulate the new president and vice president on your appointments, election to these offices i would also like to remind everyone to turn off your cell phones. or any other electronic devices that might sound off during the proceeding. roll-call. commissioner moore: here.
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commissioner sugaya, commissioner fong, commissioner wu, commissioner antonini, commissioner borden, commissioner sugaya. everybody is present. no items were proposed for a continuance. the item number 5 on your calendar, case number 2011.1.23b, the salesforce item, the request for allocation of square footage, the project sponsors have asked for an indefinite continuance of that item. because the commissioners, this is a letter on your calendar, and it is last minute. there might be people who might have wanted to be here for this item. i ask that you continue it at this time but at the call of the item. commissioner fong: that is fine. >> is not aware of any other item on the calendar being
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proposed for a continuance. commissioner fong: any public comment on items of continuous? commissioner antonini: this is on the next item, which is not been called yet. >> ok, thank you. with that, we can move on to commissioner's questions and matters. are there any? commissioner antonini? commissioner antonini: thank you. some information in the news. some good, some not as good. but those who know the san francisco business times, it verify what most of us have known for a while, and that is the stock of a vacant condo is needed to be sold has fallen drastically. that is good news, because there are not too many of these buildings that have too many significant number of condo units that are available. we know of one project that is ready to move forward soon that we just approved or just approved the design, basically
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reviewed the design at 201 fallston, and there are others that i am hopeful will move forward soon. another piece of news was in the san francisco business times -- that was in the times, rather, but i believe in the examiner, a business times survey, chamber of commerce survey, that asked people about how they felt about what was going on in san francisco. the good news is that a much larger number felt this year that we were moving in the right direction. the bad news was that a larger number felt the quality of life was failing in san francisco, sort of a dichotomy of opinion. but part of it may have its origin on the fact that they felt the number one problem facing san francisco was homelessness, followed quickly behind with the economy and jobs. perhaps that explains to some degree the differentiation of opinion. they also favored, by a large margin, real runoff elections as
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opposed to rejoice. with a pointed out, almost no one in the survey had an interest in raising any new taxes in almost any form. and that is an important thing to keep in mind. as we look forward in ways to make capital improvements in san francisco, i think we have to be realists and a knowledge the fact that -- acknowledge the fact that while there appears to be a small interest in traditional means of financing, we probably have to look for public-private financing or in- kind to finance capital improvements. this may be the method of the future to be able to do this, especially with the end of redevelopment. this is going to have to be something we are going to have to look increasingly at. also, especially in terms of housing, i do not think we are going to be able to find funds
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for in the vast public expenditures for housing. and i think we're going to have to find ways to incentivize builders to be able to build these. perhaps some housing might need some funds to be set aside for the housing at the lowest income level that might not be feasible to build, even with incentives. but building a lot of middle and upper-income housing, i think there are ways we confined to fund that. finally, in terms of the whole idea of the public-private partnerships and in-kind and benefits given in return for creating public good, i think as commissioners and as public officials, we always have to look at decisions based upon the greatest good for the greatest number. i mean, obviously we always have to weigh neighborhood interests, certain interests that are very important interests and our decisions against what benefits
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the greatest number and benefits of the city the most. those are always difficult choices to make, but i think it is important that we be able to make those decisions and try to look at what benefits the greatest number when we make our choice. commissioner miguel: yes, the articles in the papers this week have been very interesting. there was also the announcement regarding this theater on at midmarket. many projects that affect midmarket and its revitalization have been before us, and i think this is a very, very positive sign with a.c.t. coming in with a small theater with his service in the lobby, that sort of thing, as well as additional space for them there. there was also a very interesting article by john king regarding the about to be 10th and market configuration.
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a very, very good noontime a forum at the spur, extremely timely this week, regarding redevelopment. fred blackwell and tiffany bohee or in conversations. this was not a powerpoint. this was an actual conversation and questioning regarding redevelopment. fred blackwell did a beautiful job of contrasting oakland and san fran, and there are vast differences. a few things i was not aware of. there have been about 400 redevelopment district in the state. 70 alone in los angeles county, if you can imagine that. if you think we have got a lot to deal with, they are very confused down south as far as i can tell.
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there were comments regarding infrastructure, finance districts, alternative means, and no solutions necessarily in sight at this time. it was very, very well done. i just want to mention it to anyone who would like to be involved in the redistricting of san francisco's supervisor chu districts, the deadline for submissions is tomorrow. so a very excellent interactive web site, by the way, if you get on there. and i had a comment come to me by a very active and interested member of the public that actually had not come to mind before. so i do not know, i will direct this more to john. we approve eir's, and they have medications in them.
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-- mitigation in them. the question was, does anyone want a chair, a prison, whether those medications are actually taking place -- i presume, whether those mitigations are actually taking place? since we are the ones who are passing on the this, if we had a report back, you know, is it 99% done, is a 50% done, whatever -- but it is something that once we get through it, it is out of our mind again. i think we owe it to ourselves and the public to have some type of report on its that. commissioner borden: yes, i just wanted to announce that i am actually on the board of the american red cross bay area chapter. tomorrow, on union square from
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11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. is a game on pepperell in coming year two of the four-year initiative called ready neighborhoods. we're focusing on most vulnerable communities around the bay area and getting them repaired. chinatown and bayview hunters point have been part of this initiative. the event tomorrow will have mayors, fire, and police chiefs from around the bay area. and there will be free disaster preparedness training, and disaster starter kits will be there. anyone who wants to get prepared, be informed, make a plan, tomorrow is your opportunity to do that in union square, and you cannot miss it. it is in the clear tent. commissioner moore: i wanted to remind everybody that this weekend is the first of five or six open streets in the embarcadero. i hope the weather is good, because it will be very interesting to do that at this particular time would so many
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new things coming up. i wanted to put a plug in a 4 spurt. on tuesday, they held a meeting on bicycling at the peninsula. spur is livermore regional issues on transportation and connectedness. that comes in handy for us when we're looking at identification in housing. with the new office for a spurt in san jose, we will have more of the ability to voice the issues which not as local but also equally important on the regional scale. i am not saying anything new. but i have to say this because i was shocked to reading the people that salesforce has disappeared. i remember us two weeks ago with big smiles and a lot of enforcement from the applicant anticipating that this project would really be a fantastic opportunity for the city. in the article came in, a first thought i was not reading it
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correctly. i made a couple of phone calls, only to hear that it, indeed, was, as far as we know, real. i assume we will pick it up later. but it was a huge shock. i hope we will find something else which will take its place very soon. commissioner sugaya: sorry, i was going to comment on on on commissioner miguel's comment. commissioner miguel: i would give you an example, that is a conflict of interest. i cannot talk about it. commissioner moore: i felt that the ethics and sunshine training was actually good.
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it was straight to the point. i appreciate that it was held. there were parts of it which i was not quite sure why we had to listen to it, but that is an altogether other question. i will last our attorney about that later. it was otherwise a very good meeting. >> there were two things i attended this week that i thought were relevant to this commission. the first one was the chamber of commerce breakfast, which was focused of course of growth in san francisco. in particular, this was turkestan tech growth and the numbers of people that these companies are looking to hire to bring in san francisco. what struck me was the fact that their hiring intelligent, imaginative people with ingenuity, and part of that hiring allure is the lifestyle of san francisco. beyond just housing, schools, parks, athletics -- whatever it
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is, it all comes together. this commission is one where we had the opportunity to touch a lot of that and affect the life styles. i went to an event last night called the california music and culture association, which was very interesting. a collective of entertainment venues, mostly after dark, evening entertainment venues. now this is a brand new association that has come together. it really shed some light on san francisco and the opportunity for evening entertainment and business socialization to round out activities in the city. i rarely make mention of activities of that nature, but i thought they were relevant this week. commissioners, before we move on, i want to take the opportunity to thank most of you, and even before you, commissioner sugaya, i wanted the most of you for attending the ethics and sunshine training. i know i kind of twist all of your arms to get there, and i